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Zoologix zoo and wildlife test pricing

about assay pricing...

Zoologix specializes in PCR-based molecular testing for animals, so we pass along to clients economies that are unavailable elsewhere. Please phone 818-717-8880 or email Zoologix for a quick proposal.

When comparing molecular testing to other diagnostic techniques, consider factors beyond the raw assay price:

Sensitivity and specificity
Serological tests are usually priced lower than molecular tests on a per assay basis, but in many applications serology has well documented inadequacies such as false positives from cross-reactivity between closely related pathogen groups and false negatives due to lower sensitivity of some serological protocols. Similarly, false positives or ambiguous identification can result from culture-based protocols requiring subjective interpretation by testing staff. Zoologix molecular assays are performed using less subjective protocols, with lower false negative and false positive rates than most other diagnostic techniques. The exquisite sensitivity of molecular amplification techniques results in positive identification of pathogen DNA or RNA, even at extremely low titres.

Turnaround time
Rapid results are a top priority at Zoologix. We know that time is of the essence in protecting animals from disease events. Other labs often take one to two weeks to post results. Most Zoologix results are transmitted to the client within 2-3 business days of samples' arrival at our lab.

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