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Dry card samples for PCR testing

With Zoologix DRY CARDS you can send dried liquid samples to Zoologix in an envelope

Zoologix offers dry card PCR testing for liquid sample types like blood, cerebrospinal fluid and semen. A small amount of the sample fluid is spotted onto the surface of our special dry card according to the instructions on the back of the card and allowed to dry completely. The card is then mailed to Zoologix.

Dry cards work especially well for international handling of diagnostic specimens because...

  • Liquid samples are perishable, but dry card samples remain stable for weeks at room temperature.
  • Liquid sample tubes are delicate, but dry card samples are unbreakable.
  • Liquid samples are bulky and heavy, but dry card samples are flat and light.
  • Liquid samples often need costly packing and special handling, but dry card samples ship in an envelope.
  • Liquid samples can be infectious, but dry cards render most pathogens non-infectious for greater safety in transit.
  • PCR tests from liquid samples are highly sensitive, specific and fast. PCR tests from liquid samples dried onto dry cards are, too!

Email Zoologix if you wish to use our dry cards. There is a nominal fee per card which also covers the cost of mailing the card to you.

Dry card sample collection instructions:
1. Never touch inside of card or inside of flap.
2. Lift flap only when sample is ready to apply.
3. Spot sample inside circle. For blood or other liquid samples, apply sample until circle is full, but do not apply more sample than the paper can absorb. For swab samples, collect with a dry, sterile swab, then immediately rub swab firmly inside circle to transfer as much material as possible to paper. Do not re-use the swab after it touches the card. Use multiple swabs if necessary to obtain adequate volume of sample to fill circle.
4. Allow paper to dry completely, >1 hour, depending on humidity. Do not use heat to dry. Keep contaminants away.
5. When dry, close flap. Write sample information in space provided. Send to Zoologix.

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